passport applications

The process...

1.  Go to the Zimbabwe Embassy on The Strand, London and get your passport application form. If you are located in the USA, Canada, Australia or Rest of The World , please contact us directly.

2. You will need to take all required documents for a passport application to the relevant embassy. Currently, you need:

a) Original and copies of Long Birth Certificate  b) Original and copies of National Identity Card (ID)  c) Marriage Certificate for married women and ID in married name. e) Proof of Citizenship (for 18 years old and above), if claiming citizenship in Zimbabwe by descent, registration or naturalization  f) Old passport (photocopy pages 1 to 5 for old-type, last page for new-type and visa page), or Police Report if old passport is lost.  g) Fee of £ 80,00 (eighty pounds) cash or postal orders, (additional £20,00 for lost or stolen passports and £40,00 for defaced passports), £3,00 application form. g) 2 photos 4.5cm long by 3.5cm wide, taken from a studio with a white background.  h) Consent of father/legal guardian required for children under 18. i) ID required for children over 16 years of age. (this information was supplied by the Zimbabwe Consulate and is subject to change without notice)

3.  Once you have filled in your forms and paid for the application to the Zimbabwe Consulate, you will need to send your application forms to us via Registered Post or courier. In some circumstances, we will send our courier to you.

4.  You will now need to make a payment. There are two ways you can pay

a) Bankdraft

b) Pay by cheque. For your convenience you can send your application with a cheque enclosed.  Please make the cheque payable to Zimbabwe Passport Services.

5. At this stage we will send your application for processing at The Register General, Makombe Building, Harare.

6. Once your Passport is issued, it will be sent directly to you via courier. You will receive your passport 10 working days from the time we receive payment

7. All applications and Passports will be sent by regulated and registered courier Companies and Agents. That is, DHL, UPS and Air Zimbabwe. We do not use individuals.

8. For your peace of mind Zimbabwe Passport Services has its obligations to you. We will also offer you the option to purchase additional insurance.

9. Please print out the affidavit that will accompany your documents. This will give us permission to collect your documents on your behalf  [Affidavit]

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